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Rhodia Fan Profile: Todd Foutz


Garage tale

We wrote about Mark's Plotastic idea here. Since then, he has redesigned his blog,…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 12, 2007

Rhodia by chance

A forwarded email from one of Exaclair's customers: My wife ordered some materials from…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 12, 2007

Rhodia at Pencil Things

I first discovered this wonderful little orange notebook back in 2003 when I was…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 9, 2007

Tucker Nichols

I go through about fifteen small orange Rhodia pads a year. There’s no set…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 6, 2007

Flickr Friday

"Paul Smith for RHODIA. It's my PDA." What's in Mujitra's bag

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 6, 2007

Happy Fourth of July

From all of us at Rhodia Drive, Happy Fourth of July to you and…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 4, 2007


Duchamp blinks

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 3, 2007

Rhodia cahier?

I’m a longtime Moleskine devotee, and I haven’t ever found any brand of notebook…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jul 2, 2007

Rhodia ePure notebooks

Rhodia ePure come in sizes A5 (148 X 210 mm) and smaller 4x5 inches…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jun 28, 2007

Sparkling new Rhodias

From our Flickr group's granykass: A great collection of new notebooks for pouring out…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jun 25, 2007

When notebooks are not enough

Will Self's writing room. A 360 degree view in 71 photos by Phil Grey

by Early Rhodia Driver Jun 24, 2007

Plotastic gear

In his words, Mark is one of those "struggling" first-time novelists who can't decide…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jun 20, 2007

Focus on Rhodia pencils

Click to view larger image Rhodia has been thinking about making a pencil for…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jun 18, 2007

Rhodia rules

Rhodia notepads not only come in different sizes and shapes outside, but also in…

by Early Rhodia Driver Jun 15, 2007

Welcome to Rhodia Drive

Rhodia Drive is a blog about the iconic orange notepads from France and the people who love and use them. It is sponsored by Clairefontaine-Rhodia, the maker of Rhodia products. Rhodia – A modern notebook since 1934.

Rhodia Notepads - The French orange notepads with a cult following! These sturdy and economical pads are a favorite of artists & designers, writers, fountain pen aficionados, and people who like to use graph paper for notes, sketching and hand drafting. People love them for their grids, smooth paper and iconic cover. The unique scored cover folds back neatly. The stiff back cover makes writing easy and portable. All Rhodia paper is acid-free and ink-friendly. Their bright orange covers make them instantly recognizable in the store or on the street. Rhodia has been around since the 1930s. It was developed in 1934 as a modern office notepad.

These economical pads are a favorite of artists & designers. People love Rhodia pads for their grids, smooth paper and unique scored cover which folds back neatly.

Dot Webnotebooks, dot grid Rhodiarama soft cover notebooks, and Dot Books are great for bullet journaling. The paper is smooth and pen friendly.

Popular Rhodia products include the classic staple-bound notepads, Webnotebooks or Webbies, brightly colored Rhodiarama notebooks, Reverse Book, 4-Color Book, the unique Meeting Books, ColoR pads, Dot Grid notebooks and pads. In 2017 we are introducing a New Year's series beginning with "Year of the Rooster."

Rhodia was purchased by Clairefontaine in 1997 and production transferred to Mulhouse, in Alsace, France. Members of the founding Verilhac family still work for Rhodia. The Rhodia logo dates back to 1934. Legend has it that the two Rhodia fir trees symbolize the two founding brothers.

Rhodia pads feature a coated card cover which is perfectly waterproof & flexible. The Rhodia pad cover is scored to neatly fold back and features superfine vellum Clairefontaine paper in white with an exceptionally smooth satin finish. The unique stiff back cover makes writing easy and portable, and micro-perforated sheets facilitate easy and clean removal of pages.

Rhodia Retailer and Fan profiles feature different uses for notebooks, journaling ideas and stationery trends.

Monthly giveaways and contests on Rhodia Drive allow participants to sample papers and read product reviews.

David Allen has been a productivity expert for more than 30 years. He created Getting Things Done®, often referred to as GTD®. He is considered one of the most influential people in the world on productivity and time management. David is a fan of Rhodia products. He uses them for his personal productivity, and with his clients. He is the author of several best-sellers, including Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-Free Productivity.