Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Loose Rhodia Paper


We’ve had a number of requests recently for sheets of Rhodia paper, usually dot grid.  Some people mention a quantity like packages of 100 sheets or a ream (500 sheets).   Most of the time, the writers are looking for loose sheets to construct their own notebook or journal.  Some entrepreneurs and artisans may want to make products with hand-crafted covers that use Rhodia paper.

We currently don’t offer loose sheets for sale.  But if we did, what would you buy?  It would be helpful to know the number of sheets, color of the paper (white or ivory), type of format – grid, dot grid, ruled or blank, and anything else that would be important to you.




40 thoughts on “Loose Rhodia Paper

  1. I’m trying to find a fountain-pen friendly loose leaf blank and dot-grid A5 sized paper for using in a disc-bound custom bullet journal. So far all I can find is Tomoe River. I’ll probably go with them, but if Rhodia was available I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  2. I would LOVE loose leaf sheets. I bullet and art journal in an a5, 6 ring planner and I desperately want to use my Tombows in it, but there is literally NO loose dot grid paper on the market that is smooth, heavy or impermeable enough for them.

    I would want dot grid, in A5 size, definitely. I’d prefer cream or ivory over white but wouldn’t mind too much either way. Preferably over 100gsm. I would bulk buy, no question.

  3. I’d buy it by the ream– A4- white or cream dot grid. I buy the stapled pads and tear hem apart. Perfect for A5 notebooks.

  4. I would buy dot grid to make planner inserts for covey ring binders 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 (7 holes), inserts for personal size planners/organizers (4 x 6 3/4), and mini inserts (3 x 5).
    Thanks for asking!

  5. I would be all over A5 sized loose paper! I’d likely buy that by the ream, provided the price was reasonable.

  6. I am a prolific note taker – 10-15 a4 double sided per day 5 days a week (i.e. 50-75 A4 sheets/week) – I would prefer to have loose sheets that I can ‘file’ as needed. If available, I would be looking at getting 2-3 reams of something in the 80-100gsm space (lighter depending on ink bleed-through).

  7. I am going to start hand bookbinding and I would be thrilled if I could purchase a ream. I would prefer ruled, dot, and blank in that order.

  8. The only reason anyone would want loose is because one removed from the “A5” or “A4” pad etc the page is no longer that size as the perforations reduce the page from the standard dimensions.I would love to be able to tear out a page and have a standard size sheet of paper.

  9. A4 White Blank or Letter White Blank. No holes. 90 GSM 500 (ream) would be ideal.

    Yes, it would be for making and filling notebooks! Right now I am pulling apart Clairefontaine Triomphe pads for paper in the US.

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