Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Loose Rhodia Paper

We’ve had a number of requests recently for sheets of Rhodia paper, usually dot grid.  Some people mention a quantity like packages of 100 sheets or a ream (500 sheets).   Most of the time, the writers are looking for loose sheets to construct their own notebook or journal.  Some entrepreneurs and artisans may want to make products with hand-crafted covers that use Rhodia paper.

We currently don’t offer loose sheets for sale.  But if we did, what would you buy?  It would be helpful to know the number of sheets, color of the paper (white or ivory), type of format – grid, dot grid, ruled or blank, and anything else that would be important to you.




29 thoughts on “Loose Rhodia Paper

  1. Ooooooh. I would LOVE loose-leaf Rhodia paper!! A4, 8.5×11, and A5 would be the ones I use. A4 and A5 would be for personal projects and the 8.5×11 would be for the workplace because I’m in the US. Dot grid and grid options on ivory paper, sold in 100-sheet packs would be great.

  2. A4 punched and unpunched – I still have some of my Levenger Rhodia paper left for the Circa system. I wish it was still for sale.

  3. I also use your Rhodia R paper (in a pad) for letter writing, but I’d love to have access to either a pad with full A4 pull-off sheets (like the No. 19 pad) or loose A4 sheets for that sort of deal. That 90gsm paper is the only sturdy/thick type paper that stands up to my favorite correspondence ink: Bay State Blue (yup, the horror is real!). Color is less important to me, but I tend towards the Ivory for correspondence.

  4. My preference would be for A4 blank or dot grid ivory paper in 100 or 200 size packs. The gsm is also important and I’d like at least 90…
    Thank you

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