Wednesday, August 9th, 2017

Loose Rhodia Paper


We’ve had a number of requests recently for sheets of Rhodia paper, usually dot grid.  Some people mention a quantity like packages of 100 sheets or a ream (500 sheets).   Most of the time, the writers are looking for loose sheets to construct their own notebook or journal.  Some entrepreneurs and artisans may want to make products with hand-crafted covers that use Rhodia paper.

We currently don’t offer loose sheets for sale.  But if we did, what would you buy?  It would be helpful to know the number of sheets, color of the paper (white or ivory), type of format – grid, dot grid, ruled or blank, and anything else that would be important to you.




77 thoughts on “Loose Rhodia Paper

  1. I would definitely buy 500 sheets at a time! I’m experimenting with doing a bullet journal in a 3-ring binder so permanent pages are moveable when one binder gets filled up. Unfortunately, I’m stuck with using either plain paper and freehanding pages (not pretty!) or using graph paper.

  2. I would buy 500 sheets of loose leaf a4 or 11×7 dot grid paper! I look everywhere for it! Ivory or white, whichever! Please please please make some!

  3. Absolutely – I would buy in packs of 100 or 500. I’d prefer grid and blank, but I’m sure I’d buy others as well. Don’t care about color. A4 would be my ideal.

  4. Absolutely. Would use daily. Ivory dotted/grid or even similar color scheme as heritage but in a4 would be my dream. But I’d be happy with whatever A4 loose leaf that happened as long as it had dot or grid. I feel like I waste portions of notebooks once I get done with goals because I don’t use what’s potentially left. Would start making my own notebooks to file away.

  5. I would love to have 11”x17” or a little larger 1/4” dot grid paper. I really don’t care about color, bu an off-white or gray-toned. Thanks for the opportunity to offer my opinion.

  6. +1

    Grid/Graph paper in ivory! 8.5 x 11 or A4 size. 100 or 500 sheets, 5mm grid, and 100g paper or above

    Want to file papers into different folders, without having to maintain main different journals. Would be huge help.

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