Wednesday, June 7th, 2017

Win a Rhodia Pencil!


One of the most popular Rhodia accessories we stock is the Rhodia pencil.  If you are a big pencil collector (like me) this one is a must-have!  Here are the specs:

  • Black wood body — Linden wood
  • Triangular shape – won’t roll off your desk!
  • Black eraser
  • HB lead grade

To enter, please comment on this post and include your name and email.  I have 50 pencils to give away, so you have a good chance to win!  The contest will be open until Sunday, June 25.  I’ll draw the names on Monday, June 26th and mail them out before the end of the week.

Good luck!


101 thoughts on “Win a Rhodia Pencil!

  1. Like one of the above commentators, I did not know Rhodia made pencils. I’d like to have one too. Thanks for schooling me on pencils.

  2. Never have had the chance to try a Rhodia pencil, but I sure would love to see how it feels and works with my sketching and tangling. Thank you for this chance. Btw…I love your notebooks!

  3. I did not know that Rhodia made pencils. I would love to try one out and see how it compares to some of my other pencils.

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