Monday, October 13th, 2014

Who would like to see fountain pen friendly Rhodia Engineering paper?


Engineer Paper

We received a recent letter from Michael Marchesan asking us to develop an fountain pen friendly engineer’s pad. When Karen Doherty asked why engineers couldn’t use the standard grid, Michael responded as follows:

I used to do all of my math/science on graph paper for years until I began engineering study and realized the beauty of engineering paper. 

Engineering paper has it’s grid on the backside, which you do not actually write on. The grid shows through to the front of the paper which is blank, so you can have the benefits of writing on gridded paper, without actually writing on a grid.

When you tear your sheet off the glued-top-bound pad, it appears as if though you wrote in perfectly straight lines and did all your calculations, figures and measurements with incredible precision on a blank sheet without the distraction of a grid on your work.

The other benefit to this is that the grid does not show up when your work is photocopied from engineering paper.

Each grid on engineering paper is 0.2″x0.2″, with bold grid-lines forming 1″x1″ squares every 5 grids–great for scaling and doing precise engineering calculations and figures.

So who else out there would like to see Rhodia produce a fountain pen friendly version of this specialized paper? Spread the word and tell people to comment on this post.

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130 thoughts on “Who would like to see fountain pen friendly Rhodia Engineering paper?

  1. Yes! And how! I would work on it exclusively. Especially in traditional green or, possibly, goldenrod.

  2. I would love to buy Rhodia Engineering paper, as I use fountain pens in my engineering journal daily, but have to switch back to other means for my engineering pad. Rhodia makes great paper, they would win a customer for life and possibly my research colleagues if they made an engineering pad.

  3. Please, and thank you. I use grid paper at work all the time for writing meeting notes, drawing designs, and scrawling bits of numbers and equations. I am tired of flimsy engineering paper! It’s impossible to find any engineering paper over 15 LB. Staedtler offers an 18 LB pad, but that’s still too flimsy for me.

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