Friday, August 9th, 2013

Art Brown International Pen Shop Closes in New York City


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Today is a sad day as the iconic Art Brown International Pen Shop forever closes its doors in New York City.

I’d only ever visited Art Brown on one occasion but that trip made a tremendous impression on me as it reminded me of the local stationery stores of my youth. For fountain pen lovers, this was *the* place to shop when visiting New York City with its ability to create an instant ear to ear grin at all of their available pen, paper and ink options.

Will you share your favorite memories of visiting Art Brown? What will you miss the most about this store?

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35 thoughts on “Art Brown International Pen Shop Closes in New York City

  1. It is 3 years later, now, and I STILL miss Art Brown. Loved the store. What HAPPENED??? WISH that it was still here. How can places that are LEGENDARY institutions just DISAPPEAR??? :'(

  2. I had worked on 46th an 6th for 7 Years 2000 – 2007. We used to go in there on lunch hour. Bought many Cross Pens there. They seemed to always have a good deal. I stopped working in the area around 2007. Last year I was in the City and wanted to stop in. To my surprise they had closed. What a great store it was.

  3. This is horrible news. For 30 years, I worked 1 1/2 blocks from the store and spent so much time there that Marilyn Brown, wife of the owner in the latter part of my experience with them, gave me a card entitling me to a substantial discount on any purchase. I clutched this card to my into retirement. It is almost impossible to envision that block of W. 46th street, which changed constantly, without Art Brown’s. It was the gold standard for store of its type and will be missed sorely. Even the most esoteric writing instrument related question got an immediate and spot on answer here. What will those of us hooked on writing instruments do now?

  4. From GrafvFC to Conway Stewart, Art Brown’s was a wonderful oasis and a happy stop for me after a visit to Rock Center or the Second Ave Deli. As many have said here, it is the people that make the store and experience; may you always have the happiness you gave us.

  5. I was not aware that the store had closed, so I was pretty shocked last week when I was in the city. The sign was still up even though the store was empty. I was only there once, but am sad they are closed.

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