Friday, November 30th, 2012

there are others who know of the amazingness…


Fan letter from Thomas Quicksell –  blogger for Blessed Are The Geeks

“I have to say I have loved Rhodia since 2009. My first notebook being the Reverse Book, classic orange, and I was so impressed with it’s quality as well as it’s ability to induce creativity. It was hard where I lived in the States to get Rhodia items. In Rhode Island the best place I found was at a Hip little pipe tobacconist. But now that I am living in London, England there are so many great places that sell Rhodia. When I found RhodiaDrive I was really excited, I finally felt like there where others who knew of the amazingness. So I figured I would grab my bag, dump it out and join in with the sharing!

As a Pastor there are a few things that I need to have on me at all times, A Bible and and a Rhodia Notebook. Also in my bag is a Macbook, iPad in padded stationary envelope, iPad Wacom Stylus, Flat Black Lamy Safari with black ink, 5 Sharpie Pens of varying color, Earbuds, Starbucks Via coffee, Mac video Adapters, Rhodia List Pad, Journal with Pilot BP-s Fine, Altoids, Rhodia Reverse Book, and the Bible all in a Hurley Laptop bag.”

Thanks Thomas, we are happy that you are happy!

You can send me your fan photos to stephanie at rhodiadrive dot com

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